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Case Study - Menu Example

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Menu Example


Lecture Playlist


The full playlist for the video series is - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8kKejlVENAXuNhgSOvNqnAhebeIYAZem 




This case study uses the menu item database from COP4709 (this database is an assignment that is created here - https://cop4709.pbworks.com/w/page/91180758/COP4709%20Assignment%203A%20-%20Stored%20Procedures . The schema is also included below. The case study will create a full MVC web based front end for this database and cover all the code associated with this process.


Lecture - Menu Case Study Part 1 - Using MVC to Create Entry Screens - Being able to use the basic default MVC project and scaffold out a system is actually quite easy. This lecture helps you understand more of how all the moving parts of MVC work together.


Lecture - Menu Case Study Part 2 - Creating a Custom View - Once you have an interface (typically generated through scaffolding) the next step is to make it do what you want it to do, this lecture helps you break that learning curve of making it all work.


Menu Case Study Part 3 - Understanding Delegates in C Sharp (Lecture - Using Delegates in C Sharp  ) This does not actually follow the MVC example, but is crucial to understanding the code that you are using.


Menu Case Study Part 4 - Generating a Javascript call from a Razor Object -  The great thing about MVC is that you can work in native HTML, CSS, and Javascript within a View. However objects in Razor must sometimes talk to objects in Javascript.


Menu Case Study Part 5 - Ajax Calls - One of the most powerful technologies of interface design for web based applications is AJAX. There are many ways to handle AJAX and every developer should know what it is and how to use it.


Menu Case Study Part 6 - Serializing Data - The data returned from the AJAX call in Menu Case Study Part 5 - Ajax Calls is a standard JSON string. We will show using tools to do this and return the JSON data.


Menu Case Study Part 7 - Database Constraints - The database used in this example has some complex references (including foreign keys), managing the data is more complex than dealing with a single table - and here is how to use the Database Context to manage these relations.


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