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Assignment 8 - Using AJAX

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 Assignment #8 - Using AJAX




Understand and be able to use AJAX effectively in your web site design




For this assignment you will need to use AJAX somewhere in your site design (implemented with both server and client side calls).  AJAX should only be used to enhance the user experience (not just for the cool factor). For this assignment utilize AJAX somewhere in your web project. You will submit where, but you must also go to the bulletin board to discuss and get feedback on your plan.


One of the most pervasive examples of ajax is the autofill textbox. Google search uses this along with almost every other site. While it is amazingly convenient to have Google autofill your searches, the down side is that on a slow connection it can make typing a real pain. Pros and cons must always be weighted when using ajax - but for most situation ajax calls save the users time and enhance the overall experience associated with your site.




First - know and completely understand what AJAX is and why it is important. - http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/ajax_intro.asp 



Estimated Completion Time


This can be done in about 30 minutes, but take some time to look into various ajax controls and options. This will be a tremendously useful technology for the good web developer. A well built web site does not refresh anything it does not have to - which is what the AJAX technology provides you.


Supporting Lectures 


Menu Case Study Part 5 - Ajax Calls - If you have followed the complete menu case study, this lecture will be very useful. It does demonstrate a complex ajax call. Many controls that you can use on your page have AJAX built-in and it is possible to have a fully enabled AJAX control on your pages with a single line of code. This is fine - but I still want you to understand the underlying technology and options for ajax, so watch the video and do a little research.


Questions and Answers


Q: Why AJAX?

A: So you can stop refreshing your entire page when all you need is a small section of the page to update. This greatly enhances the UX.


External Resources


http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/ajax_intro.asp  - Help you get a full understanding of ajax, what it does, why you want to use it. and how it is implemented.


http://mvccontrolstoolkit.codeplex.com/ - There are plenty of MVC controls out there, many that do and do not use ajax (do your research) - this is an example of one of them. You should know how to find them and use them. (I also like using codeplex http://www.codeplex.com/  - quite a good site).


Grading Criteria


Demonstrate the use of an AJAX call is worth full credit


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