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Assignment 3A - Retrieving Form Input for Reports

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 Assignment 3A - Retrieving Form Input for Reports




This is a continuation of Assignment 2A - Storing a Form Input in a Database the objective is to create a simple report based on the contents of a database.




Using your grade book database from Assignment 2A, you need to make a report that shows the list of folks that have signed your log book, their messages and the date they signed the book.




If you were able to complete Assignment 2 - then this will probably be your easiest assignment. The query that you need to retrieve the data is pretty straightforward




If you are using .NET you can simply bind the resultant Dataset to a Datagrid and you are done.


Estimated Completion Time


This should take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


Supporting Lectures 


Use this time to read Chapter 25 in the text.


Coding-Correctly-in-DOTNET - This is a Pre-LINQ lecture, but covers solid techniques of organizing your code that will be useful.


Questions and Answers


Answers to student questions about the assignment here


External Resources


Any web resources to help with the assignment here


Grading Criteria


Grading criteria


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