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CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 2

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CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 2 

The due dates and actual requirements of assignment 2 will be determined by Project Group 1.


Some suggestions:


Assignment 2 add a full scale project plan to the project site. For this assignment you must include a full project timeline (week by week) with all tasks to be completed each week. The management group is reponsible for an overall timeline that coordinates the inputs of all the teams. Individual groups will hae a timeline withing their group subsection defining their tasks and deliverables. The management group is responsible for the decision of tools to be used by ALL groups.


Remember this includes more than building pages, you must design the pages based on client requirements, build the pages, and test every page form for validity, form, and accessibility. You must also solicit feedback from your client and get approvals. This must all be included on the timeline along with responsibilities of team members for these duties.


You may use Microsoft Project, Visio, Excel, or any other tools you desire for this project plan documentation. The timeline will need to be published to a web site in  viewable format (not an excel or project download).


Duties should be clearly defined and easily determined.




1. Project Timeline - with all tasks

2. Assignments for group members


The timeline should include the tasks (some will be complete);


1. Client interviews

2. Stakeholder identification

3. Stakeholder inteviews

4. Development of site structure

5. Development of all pages

6. Development Deployment plan

7. Client and stakeholder reviews

8. Beta deployment

9. Client acceptance review

10. Final deployment


The easiest task of the project is creating the pages - the most important is gaining a full and entire understanding of what your client wants. The client should also be aware of what are the requirements of the assignment. You should make your project plan easy to follow. You MUST keep track of hours spent on each task - and who performed the tasks.


Submission Guidelines


All work will be submitted on the project wiki site. Each team will have individual responsibilities for their portion of the site. The management team will have the responsibility of coordinating the entire effort.


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