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CET 4583 - Group Project Overview

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CET 4583 - Group Project Objectives Overview




For the group project you will be designing, building and deploying a full scale web site or a significant section of an existing web site. First - this web site must be a publicly deployed site by the end of the Summer term. The site must follow all the solid design items and criteria discussed in this course including style separation, well-formed and valid markup, appropriate scripting, and accessibility. The site should contain between 20-100 pages all with consistent style, formatting and flow.


Video lectures to help you get started are;


Project Management Using a Wiki


Steps for Successful Web System Development


Where will I get a site?


You may solicit any business, University departments, research groups, non-profit organization, or other entity for the site design. If you use an external contact you must first demonstrate the organization does not have a site - or that you are going to redesign their existing site completely. You may use materials from the existing sites, but it must be a complete rework of the design. I do have some companies that I can contact that may allow this redesign. You need a client - and yes it can be someone from where you work, no it cannot be a member of your group. Some ideas for students are;


1. Use the Trail Maps Wiki and execute a design under that site. (maybe for activities or a state). Clients: Ron Eaglin, Roger Watson from Travel Country Outdoors.

2. Contact a professor and create a site for their class or for various clubs. Professors that have expressed interest are Dr. Tarig Ali (taali@mail.ucf.edu), and Dr. Eduardo Divo (edivo@mail.ucf.edu), Dr. Shepard (sshepard@mail.ucf.edu), Dr. Karla Moore (kpmoore@mail.ucf.edu), and Dr. Nabeel Yousef (nyousef@mail.ucf.edu). You will need to contact them yourself. 

3. Contact an external business and either create a new site for them or redesign their old site.





1. All sites require a client.

2. You MUST have a publicly deployed site that you submit by the final due date of the project. (it must be deployed by that date). If this is not a deployed site or is not set up as a final site then you will only receive partial credit for the project.

3. The site must be a new design.

4. You may use existing content and get content from clients and other sources.

5. The site must meet all design requirements of this class (accessbility, well-formed, valid, css styles, etc...).

6. ALL team members must work on the site and be involved in design and requirements.


Please note that within these requirements, the site can be within a framework (like pbwiki or DotNetNuke) or can be totally team generated.





Designing a site is not simply jumping in and building pages. The group project assignments will take you through the entire process of building a good site. There are 4 total submission that are part of the project. Doing a good job on these submissions should guarantee that you do a great job with the project.


Working with Teams or Individually


You may work with other students on a team for this project (up to 3). I fully expect all team members to participate in the project. All students will have an opportunity to review their peers and non-participating members will not be given credit. Each student should also work on items that suit their skills, but also make an attempt to learn from the strengths of the students around them. You may also take this project on as an individual project. Expectations of the project are no different if working as a team or individual.



Project Submissions


All submission are actually done through Web Courses, the requirements for each submission are below. Please note that the first submission has a very tight timeline.  


CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 1


CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 2


CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 3


CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 4



Wiki Project


If you decide to take on the wiki project I have a wiki project page (since I am acting as one of the clients) where I will post the answer to questions for that as a project. Since I am a bit more knowledgeable than most clients, I will only answer direct questions from the bulletin board or email on the page. That will keep it fair to the other teams that are dealing with non-technical clients. The page is at Trailmaps WIki Project Questions and Answers 


Fall 2008 Projects


Group Projects Fall 2008
Group Title URL
Group 1 AL Construction Inc. Website


Group 2  Sculptor Charter School


 Group 3  No Title


 Group 4 Dale's Bar-B-Que Site 


 Group 5  Micris Communications Site Redesign


 Group 6  Springfield Missionary Baptist Church Website


 Group 7  Ohm Chiropractic Web Site


 Group 8  Just Push Play


 Group 9  Redesign of Tropical Water Gardens http://cet4583fall08gp09.pbwiki.com/Project-Overview 
 Group 10  Cerberus Technolgy Web Site http://cerberustechnologysolutions.com/project/ 
 Group 12  Community Management Specialists  http://cet4583.djpic.net/
 Group 13 Dave Aubert's Anttiques and Auctions  http://sites.google.com/a/theauberts.net/group-13-team-project/Home/project-infomation 
Group 14/21 Tarsierlights


 Group 15  Computational Mechanics Lab  http://project4583.pbwiki.com/Project-Information
 Group 16  AiReed Filter Products


 Group 17  FSI/FSGC Ground Station  http://projectcet4583.pbwiki.com/
 Group 18  UCF Men's Rugby Site  http://bonefaceproductions.com/cet4583/Project.aspx
 Group 19  Limback Lawn Service  http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~je068537/home.html
 Group 20  K & K Electric Web Site  http://kkelectriccet4583.pbwiki.com/Project+Assignment+1

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