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CET 4583- Assignment 9A

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CET 4583 - Assignment 9 




CET 4583 - Internet Accessibility Standards




This is a real-life web accessibility assignment. You will be modifying your personal web site for accessibility.


CHeck the accessibility of your web site home page (from assignment 2) using Web Accessibility Checker http://checker.atrc.utoronto.ca/index.html  -  Your web site should contain a link to a screen capture with the results from the checker.


You should modify the home page to be good (accessible under W3C WCAG P1, W3C WCAG P2, and W3C WCAG P3) and post the good page. You can have warnings, but there should be no accessibility violations in the output.


You should also enter metadata for the home page. The metadata must contain;


  • You as the author - your name
  • A statement to include Developed for CET4583 in the description
  • Keywords list based on the page contents


After checking the page do a screen capture (easy to do with Alt - Print Screen), this screen capture must be presented on a web page (not just a link ot a jpg). This page should contain a link back to the page that was evaluated.


Note: The checker specified may no longer be available. In this case other checkers are acceptable. Some that are good are;




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