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CET 4584 Lectures

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 CET 4584 - Web Systems II Lectures


Additional lecture materials are available at Web Systems I and II which might be useful for this course; http://cet4429.pbwiki.com/CET-4429-Lectures


Code Translators


Code for most of the lectures is provided in either C# or Visual Basic. You will have a need to go back and forth between languages. Here are some code translators that might prove useful.





The Client Server Web Environment


The Fundamentals of Client Server Web Environment

Software as a Service Software Model

SQL and Databases Deitel Lecture



Programming the Web Server Environment


Web Servers Deitel Lecture (rev 3, Chapter 21)

Geolocating Using a  Web Service Example



AJAX Fundamentals


Microsoft ASPNET AJAX Tool Kit (external link)

AJAX PHP Tutorial (courtesy Mark Doverman)

AJAX and JQuery Video Series (Ajaxian Site)



Microsoft .NET Technologies


Quick Tour of Visual Studio 2005

Programming in DOTNET Lecture I

Coding Correctly in .NET ( with sample code)

Microsoft ASPNET Deitel Lecture R3 (rev 3, chapter 23)


How to Lectures for .NET


Dynamically Generating Tab Panels in DOTNET

ADONET Object Model - Creating a Database Connection


Guestbook Code from Deitel (Before Editing)

Adding Item Templates to Datagrid - Users Guestbook is used as an example, here. In this example we add custom buttons in one of the columns.

Creating and Using User Controls in DOTNET

Dynamically Adding User Controls to a Page

Using DropDownLists with Postback

How to Transfer a Database from SQL Server to GoDaddy


Windows Workflow Foundation


Code Project Article DOTNET Workflow Concepts (external link)



Database Lectures


Getting Started Using SQL Server 2005

Creating a Database Connection String

Extract Transform and Load in SQL Server 2005

Using ADONET to Create a Login System


Application Case Studies


Vendor Database ASPNET Case Study - This is a very basic case study, simple design. The case study steps through every aspect of a simple project including the publication of the database (in this case to GoDaddy).


Recursive Storyteller ASPNET Case Study - Another relatively simple case study. Good to learn some of the steps involved with creating an application and designing an interface.


Category Code Manager ASPNET Case Study - This is a must watch case study. A good understanding of Category and Codes is important to any activity that involves complex database programming.


Functionality Management System ASPNET Case Study


Hosting and Licensing


A complete guide to hosting at GoDaddy is available at http://help.godaddy.com/article/1668?ci=9075


A basic video on software licenses from Red Hat - http://www.redhat.com/magazine/006apr05/features/licenses/




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