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CET 4584 Project Assignment 1 - Fall 2009

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Project Assignment 1




To Document the Management Plan of the Class Project




This assignment will be completed and turned in as a link to the project wiki. All students will turn in the same link to the wiki site for the assignment.


For this assignment the site must contain


1. An organization chart showing the specific duties (management, programming, analysis, documentation, testing) for the class project.


2. A scope of work determining what the class determines they will be able to accomplish as part of the project. The scope of work should have a description of each system of the total project.


3. A list of all project stakeholders and a description of why these stakeholders are part of the stakeholder analysis. There should be by this time some identified stakeholders by name to participate in the project.




You may use any materials collected and documented from CET 4583


Estimated Completion Time


Each class member should allot a few hours to contribute to the overall plan - success of this plan will depend upon a good division of labor and identification of tasks.


Supporting Lectures 




Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria


All class members will receive the same grade on this assignment which is 10% of the overall project grade.


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