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CET 4584 Project Assignment 2 - Fall 2009

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Project Assignment 2




To progress forward on your project




As part of this assignment the coding team needs to have completed the following items;


1. Database Schema and list of stored procedures.

2. List of Objects and Methods (functions) for Application Back-End

3. List of Interface Objects (names of screens in application)


All of these should be accessible at the http://mydailymath.pbworks.com/


Each of these should have a person responsible for the development of the system part.




An example of this for the classes to be used in the application


Class:  UserManagement Responsible: Eaglin

User Method or Function Input and Output Variables Description
void CreateUser

UserName (String)

UserPassword (String)


This creates a user in the database
Boolean ValidateUser

UserName (String)

UserPassword (String)

This validates a user and returns boolean if they exists and have the valid password.
Boolean HasUserRole UserName (String) This returns a boolean based on whether a user has a specific role withing the system.


An example for Interface Objects


Screen Name: UserLogin.aspx


- Responsible: Eaglin 

- Description: This screen allows the user to login to the system. It accepts user name and password and sets the session variable with user_name if the login is successful 

- Dependencies: Class UserManagement

- Links: 



DefaultLoggedIn.aspx - If login is successful

LoginUnsuccessful.aspx - If login was not successful

 - Master Page: default.master


Some requirements and suggestions - which will also help you out with assignments 8 and 9


- Main Screen (logged in)

- Question entry for short answer, multiple choice, and numeric problems

- Entry screens for Math standards

- Entry screens for mapping questions to standards

- Screens to view question sets

- Screens to give quizzes

- Screens to give results of quizzes.

- Ability to rate questions.

- Ability to view ratings.


External Resources




Grading Criteria


A good solid plan will earn you a 10 - more important, it will get you going on a solid start to completing the project.

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