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CET 4584 – Web based Systems II

Course Syllabi



Title and Course Number:   

CET 4584 Web-Based  Systems II   

Course Description:

In-depth analysis and programming of database driven web software systems. Continuation of CET 4583

Prerequisites and Co-Requisites: 

PR: CET 4583


Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, Dietel, Dietel, and Nieto; 4th Edition
Other text may be found during semester and recommended


Internet resources


Develop an understanding and use of server side processing involved with multi-tier web driven application


Dr. Ron Eaglin


PHONE:  (407) 823-5937

E_MAIL: reaglin@mail.ucf.edu

Computer Usage:

Extensive use of computer software

Use of Microsoft Visual Studio and other tools for programming.

Laboratory Projects:


Oral and Written Communication:

Project presentation and documentation

Library Usage:           

Students are encouraged to consult library and internet references to aid in understanding the course material.

Ethics, Social, Economic, and Safety:

·Ethics by inspiring professional concepts into the course and encouraging students to freely discuss situations with ethical dilemmas. Students are encouraged to suggest alternative courses of action.

·Social impact due to possible failure.

·Economics: use of less expensive components to achieve the same intended goal.

·Safety: Safety considerations are discussed to avoid any accident


Exams will cover class and text materials as well as homework assignments.  Late assignments may receive a deduction in their grade. Make-up exams, quizzes and late reports will be permitted only for extreme circumstances.


Self paced assignments are available throughout the course. The assignments are worth 50% of the overall grade.

Course Grading:


Grade Component Grade Percentagle
Assignments 60%
Project 40%









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