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 CET 4584 Group Project Page


Project Requirements


The CET 4584 Group Project is a project that will require the students to produce a multi-page client server based web system. The system must have within the scope of the project;


- Server side data storage (database, XML, or file system)

- Client-server communication data transfer and handling

- Client side data input (with transfer to server)




Even though most examples used in the class will be done with ASP.NET, the students may utilize any technology that is suitable for handle the project requirements. These include, but are not limited to PHP, Python, Perl, and Java. Students will be required to evaluate the technical choice of language based on client requirements and expectations.




Students will be required to select a client and produce a working system to meet the needs of the client. Clients may not be related or employers of the students (to avoid conflict of interest). Student groups may work on a larger project for a single project - with each group having a well defined aspect of the project. External clients must send the instructor an email with (1) their relationship with the student group, (2) the requirements of the project, and (3) commitment to any financial obligations associated with deployment of the system. This will be part of the first project assignment.




- CET 4584 Group Assignment 1

- CET 4584 Group Assignment 2

- CET 4584 Group Assignment Final



Questions and Answers


Answers to student questions about the assignment here


External Resources


Spring 2009 Project Sites


CET 4584 Project Group 1 Site - Knight WebWeavers


CET 4584 Project Group 3 Site


CET 4584 Project Group 7 Site


CET 4584 Project Group 11 Site


Grading Criteria




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