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Past Feedback for CET 4583

Page history last edited by PBworks 9 years, 7 months ago

 Past Feedback for CET 4583


I liked:


Class assignments on wiki instead of blackboard. I hate blackboard more thananything in the world.


I enjoyed learning about web pages


 I liked being able to finally get a website created. Purchasing a domain name, locating a hosting service, and developing the website thoughout the course was challenging and a lot of fun. That was something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I truly liked working outside of WebCT. All the assignemts, except the group assignments, were interesting, challenging, and introduced new concepts of Web 2.0. Awesome.


I liked the hands on approach to this course. You really can't learn to programor do web development by reading; you have to actually do it. I also thoughtthat the video lectures were extremely well done.



Good Advice:



The collaboration system used by UCF is not very user frienly. I had trouble determining my grades, I would send emails that never reached the recipient, and the kicker, it would boot you off if you went to the restroom and stayed gone for more than 10 minutes. Both WebCT and Webcourses are sub-par compared to the free collaboration systems introduced by the instructor. I hope UCF isn't paying for those systems.
The final website tells it all. Assignments had to be attached to your website. If you didn't create your site you could submit the assignments. You really had to work hard to get the assignments done. No spoon feeding either. You had to understand the assignment, find the solution on your own, and get assistance through discussion board, if needed. I really like that approach. In the real world that's how it will be. No one holding you hand, but the work must get done.

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