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Summer 2008 - Assignment 4

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Summer 2008 - Assignment 4 


Assignment Objectives


- Use Javascript to create a custom menu system on a web page

- Find and use internet based Javascript resources

- Create a useful tool for yourself that can be embedded in web pages.





Using Javascript - you will create and implement a "Quick Navigator Menu". The quick navigator should use an intelligent menu to allow users to click on the Quick Navigator link and get a "submenu of choices", these should also contain a list of other heirarchical choices. Basically you are creating a menu that will start with a single menu link on your page.


Here are the items you should have on your menu


  • Group Members
    • Member Class Page 1 (name here)
    • Member Class Page 2 (name here)
  • Assignments
    • Assignment 2
    • Assignment 3
  • Project
    • Project Description
    • Project Client
    • Additional Project Information


The navigator should take up only the screen real estate (in unsed state) to have the words "Quick Navigator" on the screen.


The Quick Navigator should should NOT cause screen refreshes.


You may use externally written code and customize for your page.


The Quick Navigator should appear on your personal  home page.


Upload an HTML file with a valid link to your page with the "Quick Navigator" on it or simply place the URL of the page in the submission comments. We just need to be able to get to the page where you have this.



Estimated Completion Many web resources exist to assist, though this still requires some programming work. Students with experience in Javascript will finish this in under an hour, others could take up to 30-40 hours to research and understand the code for menus.




CET 4583 Lectures specifically on Javascript and DHTML

Internet web sites with Javascript code


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