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Summer 2008 - Assignment 5

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 Summer 2008 - Assignment 5




To be able to analyze web sites on characteristics useful for design.




This is an individual student assignment (not a group assignment), but you may use the results of this assignment as part of the group project.


Perform a case study of an existing web-based application This can be, but does not need to be an application similar to your project. This case study will be posted as HTML to your web site. The study should contain the information;


  • A. Purpose of the application or Site 
  • B. Users profile of stakeholders  (target audience)
  • C. Basic Architecture or Navigation (linear, heirarchical, random)
  • D. Technology and Software Used to create and maintain site 
  • E. Good and Bad features of the application
  • F. Alernate Ways Application or Site Could be Developed


The review will be a single or multiple HTML file(s) (per student) and will be on the server where you have your personal class home page. Upload a URL to your personal class home page and make sure there is a URL from there labelled Assignment 5. Be sure to give the URL of the site you are reviewing on your review page.




As part of the assignment it is recommended to;


1. Use screen captures of the site with annotation of good and bad items.

2. Give specific information about alternatives that could be use to navigate the site such as menus, search, site maps, heirarchy trails, navigation bars and mention the pros and cons of each for that particular site.

3. Look at how current the site information is, and how well it is maintained and why ? Does there appear to be a content management plan?

4. Does the site meet the needs of its apparent stakeholders?

5. What can you tell about the site from just its appearance? What are the extensions on the URL pages? 


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