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Summer 2008 - Assignment 6

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Summer 2008 - Assignment 6 


Data XML Application


Create a basic xml file (xml not html) that contains the names, web site URLs (class personal page), and email addresses of the people in your group. You can create your own XML schema for storing this information, but it should logical.


Using the Tabular Data Control or any other XML display capability (such as xsl) read the xml file and display the data in a simple table with the columns name, page links, and email address. The email address should contain an email link mailto:, the name should link to the URL supplied in the text file.


All members of your group can use the same xml file. The presentation of the assignment should be the formatted page with the data, but should contain a link to the raw xml file.


This is a relatively easy assignment - use the extra time to work on your project.







Estimated Completion Between 1 and 3 hours


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