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Trailmaps WIki Project Questions and Answers

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Trailmaps Wiki Project Questions and Answers


 Question: Who are the project clients?


Answer: One client is the instructor, Ron Eaglin. Another client is Roger Watson who heads marketing at Travelcountry Outdoors. We both have different goals and objectives of the site.



Question: What is your purpose for the site?


Eaglin: I created the site to have a well scoped first assignment for CET 4583. I also have other instructors from other classes that have expressed an interest in using the site for their students in their classes. After creating the site I realized that it was useful - because I started using it to store maps and information about areas that I visited. I then asked Travel Country if they would not mind sponsoring it - so they did. Now the site is a great place to find information about trails and outdoor recreational actvities and that would still be a great purpose of the site - though I do intend to use it in the future for the class again and other classes may use, I guess this just helps it grow.




What changes (if any) would the client like applied to pages that belong to them that are linked to the Home page or linked to other client-developed pages?


You won't have to change any pages at travelcountry.com  they will be using trailmaps as an external site that drives traffic to the travelcountry site. Currently their is a link in the sidebar - but more explicit links on pages would probably serve to drive traffic better.


What type of information would the client like to see on new pages that we will develop?


The trailmaps site is really to provide information to those people who participate in outdoor activities. If you look at a particular park, knowing the activities that are available there is a really good start. Of course some activities require maps (thus the name trailmaps) which give you an added value over sites that might already exist for the park. What you really want to think about is anything that might not be available elsewhere being available on the site (like video's from Youtube, maps, and first person information about various outdoor areas).


Once we have fully tested our code, and the client has fully tested our changes, how will we go about moving the modified pages and new pages from our test site to the actual client’s site?


You will have this one easy. Since the site is a wiki site, you can place the information on it as you go - or you can develop a management plan for the site and implement it all at once.


Should we obtain client approval as we complete each page, or should wait until we have the entire project completed?


You won't need step by step client approval, but what you may want to do is put various pages up on the site and then solicit the client and any other stakeholders to see what they think. The real goal here is to have pages that people will want to visit to get information about various areas. Also don't forget that site contributors are key stakeholders - other people will want to contribute to the information at the site.


It appears that you will be acting as our liaison to the client?


It is pretty easy for me - Roger is busy, but when you do get his time he will give you valuable insite since his background is marketing and he is good at it.


 Regarding the project plan, you mention that we "may use Microsoft Project, Visio, Excel, or any other tools you desire for this project plan documentation". If we use one of the tools, is it then necessary to somehow import the spreadsheet/diagram into the html page that we have created for Project Management? If so, could you give us a clue as to how that might be accomplished?


If you use excel or project, they both export html that can simply be embedded into a web page. However you may want to look at some of the project planning ideas the other groups came up with - Group 1 is using Google App tools and even the pbwiki site has some nice tools that can be used.


Client Expectations 


1. User that want to create new pages should be able to create them from a template. You should have templates for New State, New County, New Park and the templates should have all the types of items you would expect to see in a state, park, or county.


2. New users should be able to easily find out how to contribute to the wiki if they want to contribute, if they just want to browse different areas and look at parks that should also be made relatively easy.




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