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 Web Systems Frequently Asked Questions


Also see the FAQ at Applied Database II - http://cet4429.pbwiki.com/FAQ-for-CET-4429


I get an IIS Virtual Directory Error when running my application


This is a pretty common error if you try to run a web application from a directory that is not configured to run the application. This is also relatively easy to fix. In Control Panel go to "Administratve Tools". Inside that you will see an Icon for Internet Information Services (IIS). You should see your machine and two icons under it (possible more) - Web Sites and FTP Sites. Under Default Wb Site - you will see all directories and applications accessible as web applications.


Sites show up as a Folder Icon, Applications show up as a strange looking box. So - if you designated your application as an application when you created it, it should show up that way. If you designated it as a site - it should appear as a site.


To change it - simply right click on it and go to properties - which will pull up a tabbed dialog box. Under Virtual Directory tab you can point it to the path of the application location folder (which must have a web.config file in it), and you can set the Application name (under Application Settings).


When you aceess the machine as a server via http - simply open a browser and use the URL http://localhost , then you should see your default IIS page (or if your security is good then you should be prompted to log in). If you type http://localhost/ApplicationName - where you put in the name of a defined application in IIS manager, it should take you to the root page for the application.


You can also make this chnge to set up virtual directories  in GoDaddy by going to the GoDaddy Hosting Control Center, Content (section),  IIS Settings.


My Web.Config does not work on GoDaddy


If you are publishing to GoDaddy, you must do two things - one is change your ConnectionString ot the local instance of the GoDaddy database. Most students get this without too much effort. You might also run into an error with Custom Errors . This should be changed to


<customErrors mode="Off" />


If you do not change the ConnectionString to go to the ConnectionString that is required by GoDaddy - the application will not be able to attach to the database.






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