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COP 4834 Lectures Page

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 3 years, 10 months ago

COP 4834 Lectures Page


All Lectures recorded for the class COP4834 - adenotes the lecture is created - otherwise these are planned lectures. Lectures are also organized by the list of topics here: List of All COP4834 Topics


You do need to have a solid understanding of OOP Principles for this course. Here is a nice little article on Object Oriented Principles in C# - http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/838365/Basic-Csharp-OOP-Concept Everything in this article you need to know and understand to be successful in this course.


Getting Started

Setting up Hosting Part 1

Maintaining Hosting and Local Copies of Web Applications

Setting Up IIS with .NET on a Local Machine - External Link

Object Oriented Programming

Creating a C Sharp Class

Lecture - XML-Reflection-Inheritance

Lecture - XML-Reflection-Inheritance Part 2

Lecture - XML-Reflection-Inheritance Part 3

Connecting a Class to the Database

Lecture - Using Delegates in C Sharp

Database Tools and ADO.NET

Getting Started with Database Tools

Instantiating and Manipulating Database Objects in Code

Visual Studio Tools

Lecture - Getting Started in Visual Studio

Lecture - Project Types - Web Site Project

Lecture - Project Types - MVC Project

Lecture - The Web Config File

Lecture - Creating Web Services

Programming Guidelines

Lecture - Coding Conventions

MVC Basics

✓ Lecture - Model Based Development in MVC Part 1

✓ Video Model Based Development in MVC Part 2

✓ Lecture - Model Based Development with MVC Part 3

MVC Case Studies Case Study - Menu Example (multiple lectures)

.NET Basic Form Objects


Lecture - Form Objects - TextBox

Lecture - Form Objects - Hyperlink

Lecture - Form Objects - Buttons

Lecture - Form Objects - DropDownLists 

Lecture - Form Objects - CheckBox

Lecture - Form Objects - CheckBox List

Lecture - Form Objects - ListBox

Lecture - Form Objects - RadioButton

.NET Advanced Form Objects

Lecture - Form Objects - FileUpload

Lecture - Form Objects - Literal

Lecture - Form Objects - Localize

Lecture - Form Objects - MultiView

Lecture - Form Objects - Placeholder

Lecture - Form Objects - ListView

Lecture - Form Objects - GridView

Lecture - Form Objects - TreeView

Lecture - Form Objects - Chart

Lecture - Form Objects - Repeater

Lecture - Form Objects - User Controls

.NET Data Objects

Getting Started with Database Objects in Visual Studio

Lecture - ADO Data Objects

Lecture - Data Binding




.NET Advanced Topics

Lecture - Advanced - User Control Arrays

Lecture - Advanced - Event Bubbling with User Controls

Lecture - Advanced - The MyDailyMath Equation Editor

Lecture - Advanced - The MyDailyMath Equation Editor Part 2

   Lecture - Advanced - The MyDailyMath Equation Library






.NET How-To Videos

How to Pass Variables Between Web Forms

Lecture - How To - Create Forms that Update

Lecture - How To - Read Connection String from Web Config

Lecture - How To - Adding References to a Project

Lecture - How To - Upload a Web Site to GoDaddy

Lecture - How To - Access the ASPNETDB in SQL Server Management Studio

Lecture - How To - Get an Insert Identity from a SqlDataSource

Lecture - How To - Create a Custom Errors Page

How to Transfer a Database from SQL Server to GoDaddy

How to Create or Determine a Database Connection String


Case Studies


Case Study - Basic User Template

Case Study - Trauma Flow Database

Case Study - My Daily Math


Other Libraries

Lecture - JQuery - Getting Started


Lecture - AJAX - Getting Started

Lecture - AJAX - Tabbed Dialog

Lecture - AJAX - TextBoxWatermarkExtender - ModelPopup

Lecture - AJAX - AutoCompleteExtender

Lecture - AJAX - HoverMenuExtender

Lecture - AJAX - Accordion

  Lecture - AJAX - Modal Popup

  Lecture - AJAX - Html Editor Extender

  Lecture - AJAX - UpdatePanel

Visual Studio Tools Lecture - Tools - NuGet Package Manager


Other sites


http://www.lynda.com/ - This site offers free and accessible tutorials for lots of different programming (and other) tasks.


http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa581771 - Full tutorial on C# produced by Microsoft - covers LOTS of topics.


Supporting Courses


COP 4813 - Web Systems I


COP 4709 - Applied Database II



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