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COP 4834 Summer 2012 Assignment 1 - Establishing Your Site

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Summer 2012 Assignment #1




To create a live web site for the upcoming assignments.




You will create, either on your own, or using a web hosting environment for your web project. Your site must support a database (I recommend SQL Server and will supply all materials for the assignments in SQL Server). The site must be publicly accessible. The site must support .NET code.


When setting up your web site - be sure to select options that allow you to run .NET and SQL Server.


In addition you will need to install Visual Studio 2010 on your local machine and have it running with C# as its primary language. This will install SQL Express at the same time which is sufficient for all your database needs. You are also welcome to install SQL Server - this will give you a few more tools to work with, but it is not necessary/




You will only need to submit the URL of your web site.


Estimated Completion Time


This can be done in 30 minutes to an hour. Setting up the web site may take a little longer and usually there is a lag time between setup and when it is accessible. I recommend starting immediately on the next assignment.


Supporting Lectures 




Lecture - Getting Started in Visual Studio


You will need to know a little bit about connection strings and how they are stored for this. This video contains some really good information about this: https://cop4834.pbworks.com/w/page/53675133/Lecture%20-%20How%20To%20-%20Read%20Connection%20String%20from%20Web%20Config 


How to Transfer a Database from SQL Server to GoDaddy


Questions and Answers


Q: How can I test my hosting (GoDaddy) to see if it is working as a .NET host?


A: Let's start real basic. Create a new Web Site with Visual Studio, but don't use any of the templates as they all require the upload of a database file. When you create the site in VS click on Web in the templates and then select ASP.NET Empty Web Application. Then create one simple page Default.aspx and save.

Now create a directory in GoDaddy and configure it with GoDaddy IIS Manager to be be a .NET virtual directory. Upload the files from the site you created and test to see if this works.





External Resources


Please send me any information on hosts that meet requirements (I will add to list)


GoDaddy.com - Has hosting and supports all assignment requirements.



Grading Criteria


An operational site is worth 10 points.


COP 4834 Summer 2012 Assignments


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