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COP 4834 Summer 2012 Assignment 5 - Adding Site Organization

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 Assignment 5 - Adding Site Organization




Create a Default Page for Your Site

Organize the Site

Use User Controls to Create Controlled Navigation




This assignment is a bit easier.


Option 1


For this assignment you will create 2 User Controls; ucAdminLinks and ucUserLinks. In the ucAdminLinks you will have hyperlinks to the pages you created to manage categories and codes. In the ucUserLinks you will have a link to the entry form (you will add more links to this later on).


Both of these controls will be added to a page; TraumaFormNavigation.aspx - and the links should actually go to the pages you have created on your site. Many of you have these links now - you just need to put them in organized user controls and add them to a page.


When you add user administration capabilities in Assignment 6 you will employ the following logic - If the current user is an administrator then you will show all links (both user controls will be visible). If the user is NOT an administrator you will show only the user links.


This allows you to control all links that are visible by having them on a User Control for each user role and the ability to turn them on or off (set Visible property to true or false).


Option 2


You may also use the Menu Control to achieve the same navigation ability. You will still need to provide functionality at a later time to have both administrator menu items available and user items available.


Option 3


You may design your own user navigation system for the site. If you decide to do this please look ahead to assignment 6 where you will be adding a login and user management system to your site.






Estimated Completion Time


2-5 hours for video and creating the web controls. About 1 hour to create page and add user controls to the page.


Supporting Lectures 


Lecture - Form Objects - User Controls



Questions and Answers




External Resources


Any web resources to help with the assignment here


Grading Criteria


Grading criteria


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