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COP 4834 Summer 2012 Assignment 10 - Complete Trauma Form

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Complete Trauma Form




Demonstrate the ability to create a full user interactive web form




As part of this assignment you will complete entire page 1 up to the Labs Collected part of the Halifax Health Trauma Flow Sheet ( HMC373 ED Trauma Flow Sheet.pdf ) as a complete web system. (You do NOT need to Labs Collected, X-Rays OR Injury Location and Code portions of the form) There will be 2 classes of users; administrator and user. Administrators will have access to administrative capabilities such as entering codes, categories, managing users, granting role access, etc..  Users will have the ability to create a new trauma form, edit and update form data.


All functional capabilities of Page 1 of the Trauma Form must be reproduced in some manner as part of your system. All design decisions as to how your system will function will be up to you. You may use any and all code that I provide as part of the lectures, case studies, or in response to questions.


This is your design - you can make it function in any manner you desire. I will respond to all questions with video, code, and information to allow you to achieve what you want to do. If you see something working on a web site that you want to able to do in your system - I will post a "How To" video on how to do it.




Data Elements for Initial Assessment

Form Prompt
XML Element
Mental Status
Alert, Awake, Confused, Restless, Combative, Lethargic, Unresponsive (can have multiple separated by semicolon)
Chest Respirations
Effortless, Slow, Shallow, Rapid, Deep, Retracting, Nasal Flaring (allow multiple)
Chest Auscultation PatientChestAuscultation Clear, Congested, Stridor, Wheezes, Rales, Other (allow multiple)
Skin PatientSkinCondition Warm, Pink, Dry, Cool, Pale, Diaphoretic, Flushed, Cyanotic, Jaundice (allow multiple)
Estimated Weight PatientEstimatedWeight Numeric only
Broselow Tape Color PatientBroselowTapeColor Free text
Cardiac Rhythm PatientCardiacRhythm Free text
ED Trauma Score PatientEDTraumaScore Numeric
Motor Strength  

see below

Pupils   see below



Data Elements for Regular Assessment - Data can be collected together or individually.

Form Prompt
XML Element
Format ###/###
Resp. Rate
GCS PatientGlasgowComaScale Format ##/##/##
Pupils - R/L



Format #/# - see page 3

Motor Strength RUE/RLE







Pain Rating PatientWongBakerPainRatingScale  


This is your design. I recommend you do not try to literally follow the chart - but instead create an easy input screen that puts the data into a table that can be easily viewed. This data is normally not collected all at once, the time the data is collected is important.


Estimated Completion Time


This will take at least 30-40 hours of solid programming time - possibly more, you should be working on this on a regular basis.


Supporting Lectures 


At this point all the lectures posted will be valuable to you - if you need help finding a "how to" or simply as stuck on a bug - POST TO THE BULLETIN BOARD. I want to answer all questions giving every student an opportunity to benefit. I may also post links to your site - so other students can see your approach.


COP 4834 Lectures Page


Questions and Answers




External Resources



Grading Criteria


This assignment is worth 30 (of 100) points.


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