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COP4834 Summer 2013 Assignment 6

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 Assignment 6 - Project Assignment




To learn and use Web Programming techniques in a real development environment.




For this assignment (and the following assignments) you will develop and publish a complete web application. I will provide a default application with specifications that you may use for this development. They will be at Specifications - Soccer Skills Assessment System


Each week you will complete a portion of the system based on the specifications given. For this week - you will need to have available at a URL.


1. Main Page

2. Registration System

3. Different Landing Page after Login for the three User types (in specification) of Administrator, Coach, Player.


You will be responsible for all designs - however I will be happy to provide some designs and code to help you through the project. I will also be happy to provide video lectures on ANY topic that you feel is important to completing the project.


Each week you will turn in a text file with "New features" and the URL of your site.


Note - you may also come up with a totally different idea for your system development. This is OK - if you decide to go this route you must upload a set of specifications similar to the specifications for the system I am designing on the bulletin board (these must be public).




You can use any of the created video at List of All COP4834 Topics and COP 4834 Lectures Page


Estimated Completion Time




Supporting Lectures 


You will need to determine what you need from  List of All COP4834 Topics and COP 4834 Lectures Page


I will add any lectures on any topic students request via the bulletin board.


Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria




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