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Specifications - Soccer Skills Assessment System

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 7 years, 1 month ago

Soccer Skills Assessment System


I have created skills level testing for youth soccer players that is available here - http://classroomactivities.pbworks.com/w/page/66742750/Soccer%20Skills%20Levels%20and%20Assessment . You should familiarize yourself with the concepts of this skills testing.


User Management

Users can have 3 roles;  Player, Coach, and Administrator - when a user registers for the system they must specify whether they are a player or coach. Administrative users will be setup directly by the programmer, however an administrative user can make any other user an administrator.


Player - Can see their assessment results. Players also have a level which is color coded.

Coach - Can enter an assessment score for any player.

Administrator - Can reset passwords, can assign roles.


An assessment or skills assessment is a particular activity defined in the system. The assessments are defined at skills testing page linked above - but here is a sample of assessments;


All of the below have numeric scores -


Bounce Juggling

No-bounce Juggling

Five yard figure eights

Five yard shooting accuracy - left foot

Ten yard shooting accuracy - right foot

Ten yard shooting accuracy - left foot

Fifteen yard shooting accuracy - right foot

Fifteen yard shooting accuracy - left foot

Fifteen yard shooting accuracy - right foot


other accuracy drills are shooting, passing, volley, and heading which are done at 5, 10, and 15 yards. Shooting, passing, and volley are done with both left and right feet.


The following are pass-fail;


Yellow Soccer Quiz

Orange Soccer Quiz

Blue Soccer Quiz

Purple Soccer Quiz

Receiving for each color level


A coach will do a skills assessment and enter a score for a player. The coach should be able to easily enter a score for each player for any skill assessment.



A player should be able to see a report of his scores on  any of the assessments in a single report.

A coach should be able to see a report of the scores for any player in a single report, this can be the same report as the players report.

Data Entry

A player enters their name and can select their coach. A player can have multiple coaches. The coaches will be selected from a drop down or other selection mechanism,


A coach will have the ability to enter a score for any assessment for any player. The entry should keep the score and the date of the score being entered.


Levels The levels specified in the supporting document have assessment scores associated with them. These need to be in the system. A player should be able to see how they scored (by level) on each of the assessments that they have been tested on.


Additional specifications: These will be entered based on student questions on the specifications.






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