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COP4834 Spring 2014 Assignment 4

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 Assignment 4 - Creating a Calculator




Program a calculator that has features that are useful.




You will create a calculator that resides on a single web page. The calculator must get input from the user, perform calculations in a user created domain class and output the results to the same screen.


You can select your own equation for the calculator (or use the one from COP4813 - Javascript Calculator). Guidelines are that the equation must have at least 3 variables that are collected as user input and at least one final response that is output.


A list of equations that you can select from is available here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equations - avoid the calculus forms of equations, a good equation that is an algebraic expression is the Darcy Weisbach equation - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darcy%E2%80%93Weisbach_equation but please do not limit yourself to that equation.


A good submission will have;


1. Clear description of parameters to input.

2. Clearly labeled units if applicable.

3. Validation of input (or error catching)

4. A simple Calculate Button or clear instructions on how to calculate.

5. All outputs and inputs presented as results with descriptions and units.




At this point your web site should have a (1) working login system, (2) a user profile edit capability. You are now adding a calculator page to the site and you should put a link from your logged in page to the calculator.  You can see an example of a site I created that has a lot of calculators (it is a site for this) at http://smadaonline.com/ 


Estimated Completion Time


This is a 5-10 hour assignment.


Supporting Lectures 


Topic - User Controls - A description of accepting user input using a user control is useful here.


Topic - Creating a Single Table Database Object Storage - Being able to save the properties of a domain class responsible for the calculation will be useful here.


Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria


The 5 requirements listed above are worth 2 points each.


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