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COP4834 Spring 2014 Assignment 6

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 Assignment #6 - Project Pitch




Support a project based initiative for a group or individual project in web development




You will develop a set of initial specifications for your web site. This should include a list of all pages and a baseline functionality of each page - and an overall description of the site.


This will be a 1 page description of your project


example (see https://cop4709.pbworks.com/w/page/72691091/Spring%202014%20COP4709%20Assignment%203 ):


Menu Management System


Description: A database centered system to manage menus for a restaurant chain. Should have functionality of creating online menus directly from the database.


The users of the system are Administrator, Menu Administrator (creates and manages a menu), menu view does not require a login or user account.



Create Menu (CreateMenu.aspx) Allows a Menu Administrator to create a new menu Menu Administrator
Manage Menu (ManageMenu.aspx) Administrative page to manage the menu title, and add menu groups Menu Administrator
View Menu (ViewMenu.aspx) User view of a specified menu Open


Please give full thought to all the screens




I will list a short assignment summary for each student here as they are approved. You may come up with your own system idea or use one of the clients I have found.


Josh Allred
Close Caption Management System for ENT Courses 

Rose Jenkins

SDS Coordinator

  Manatee Tracking Database System - exactly what it says, a database system to help keep track of manatee counts.

Laura Kruger


  Engineering Calculator Site - Jim has written a large number of VB programs (executable) that could be adapted to an online calculator (and recoded in C#)

James Shore






Estimated Completion Time


Hours typically taken to complete


Supporting Lectures 


This video will be useful to you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdsXU8dtKm4 


Questions and Answers


Answers to student questions about the assignment here


External Resources


Any web resources to help with the assignment here


Grading Criteria


Grading criteria


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