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COP4834 Spring 2014 Assignment 5

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 Assignment 5 - Adding Plotting and Saving to Your Calculator




Add interactive capability to your calculator.

Learn to use Codeplex libraries




You are going to select a graphing library and use it to create plotting capability for your application. Codeplex is http://www.codeplex.com/ and contains user created tools and utilities. You used Highcharts in COP4813 and two of the plotting routines at Codeplex are wrappers for this library that makes it easy to use in .NET. Please note - you can use this plotting library or any other plotting library that you may want to use.


Using a plotting library from CodePlex you will add plotting capability to your calculator from assignment 4 You may plot any variable against any other variable (example y = x^2 + 2x + 1 - plot Y vs. X). You should either have the plot on a new form or you can put the plot on the same form as your calculator.




There are 2 plotting libraries that are available at CodePlex that use Highchart;. http://dotnethighcharts.codeplex.com/ and http://highcharts.codeplex.com/ - I have lectures and examples of using both of these available. 


Estimated Completion Time


This is actually quite straightforward - should take a few hours if you have a good calculator.


Supporting Lectures 


Topic - Plotting and Charting



Questions and Answers


Please post questions to the bulletin board and also be sure to specify which plotting library you are using.


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