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COP4834 Spring 2014 Assignment 7

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 Assignment 7 - Setting up Source Control




Learn to use source control tools to manage code




This is a pretty easy assignment. (1) You will install a source control management. I use Subversion (SVN), but you can use SVN, GIT, or Team Foundation Server - whichever one you choose you will need to also create a code repository. This needs to be in an internet available location and I recommend using a service like Cloudforge http://cloudforge.com/  or Github https://github.com/ 


Once you create a repository you will put your project (either the project from #6 or the standing project of the class) in your repository using the integrated Visual Studio tools.


You will post a document (pdf or word only) of your repository page.


After you learn to do this you will wonder why you never did this before.




Github - https://github.com/ 

Cloufdorge - http://cloudforge.com/ 


Estimated Completion Time


This take less than 5 hours - use the extra time to make progress on your project.


Supporting Lectures 


Topic - Tools


Questions and Answers




External Resources


See above


Grading Criteria


Pretty much all or nothing, not a challenging assignment - just something you need to know how to do.

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