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COP4834 Spring 2015 Assignment 3 - Update Profile Form

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 Assignment #3 Updating User Profile




- Add ability to retrieve user specific data

- Add ability to update user specific data




Based on the submissions of the previous 2 assignments, we will now add the ability to edit and update this data;


1. Have an option available AFTER the user logs in - Edit Profile Information

2. Clicking on this information will bring up the edit form with any current data in the fields

3. The user should see a button to SUBMIT if they have never submitted, they should have UPDATE if they are updating existing data.

4. The data should be saved to the database and the user returned to the previous screen




Useful information here


Estimated Completion Time


5-10 hours, be sure to review all videos


Supporting Lectures 


In the List of All COP4834 Topics be sure to cover the topics Topic - Getting Started with Web Form Applications and Topic - Working with Databases ,


Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria


You should be able to create a form that recognizes the logged in user and allows editing and updating of profile information.


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