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COP4834 Project Specifications - Race Listing Manager

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COP4834 Project Specifications - Race Listing Manager




One of the tasks of promoting any event is to ensure the event is listed with media outlets and web sites. This is a manual task where information about the event is listed onto forms and submitted.




The typical process for listing races is to take race information such as that shown, and enter it manually into web site event listings.


Gemini Springs Sprint Adventure Race

Date: December 14, 2014  9 AM-11AM

Location: Gemini Springs Park, 37 Dirksen Drive, DeBary

Run 2 Miles, Canoe - 1 mile, Bike - 6 miles

Cost: $80 for teams of 2 or 3

Zip: 32713

Park URL - http://www.volusia.org/services/community-services/parks-recreation-and-culture/parks-and-trails/park-facilities-and-locations/ecological-nature-parks/gemini-springs-park.stml

Race URL - http://www.sprintadventureracing.com/

Company URL - http://flxadventures.com/

email: info@flxadventures.com


phone: 4074979213




Some sample web sites where events might be listed are




Each of these listings will have a form that needs to be filled out with the information from the race. In addition there might be special instructions, such as passwords or limitations associated with the listing. Th above listings are national, but there are also local listings such as;




The system should allow administrators to enter listings and also notes and instructions for each of the listings.


Listing Events


The system should allow users with access to list races to listings. The user doing the listing should be able use the information about the race to complete the listing, and the system should record that the listing has been done (the user will specify this) with the date the listing was completed.


A  report similar to the one below should be generated - when a race is listed (this is an example, the final report does not have to be exactly like this)


Location Notes Added Listed
http://www.hometownnewsol.com/index.php Hometown News - just have Contact Us  
Info on Race Was Submitted
http://www.beacononlinenews.com/calendar/calendar.php Deland Beacon - Event Add Added 11/30/14  
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/events/ Orlando Sentinel - Submit an Event Added 11/20/14 http://events.orlandosentinel.com/events/orl-gemini-springs-adventure-race-event




Users that list races are paid for this, we should be able to keep track of what user listed races.



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