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COP4834 Project Specification - Shopping Assistant

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 5 years, 6 months ago

Shopping Assistance Program Website



To create a website that would aid customers prepare for and while they shop in a retail or grocery store. This website would work in conjunction with a smart phone application and a physical system installed at a store. The Shopping Assistance System’s goal is laid out below:

To create a computerized shopping system where a shopping list can be created from a computer or smartphone and then transferred to a display at the grocery store. The display will then be attached to a shopping cart and as the shopper shops for groceries the device will direct them throughout the store to the next item on their list. The shopper will also be able to pass each item past a bar-code reader which will record the cost of the item and remove it from the shopping list. The device will send the shopper only to the isles in which their items are located and will display their itemized and total accumulated price.

Key Features

  • ·         Must be able to:
    • §  Create account
    • §  Store credit card/personal information
    • §  Be secure (encrypted)
    • §  Work on mobile device
    • §  Sync with Store’s Shopping System
    • §  Create/save shopping list(s)
    • §   
    • §  Store departments
    • §  Item descriptions and information


  • ·         Would like to have:
    • §  Remember shoppers previous orders
    • §  Suggest items based on prior orders
    • §  Place to store/create recipes and link to store items
    • §  Clip digital coupons

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